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4 Things Sun Valley Isn’t known for (but should be)

It’s surprising as a local to live in an amazing town that, at least to visitors, is mostly associated with skiing.  It’s simply not an accurate view of all this valley has to offer, and it’s about time we started

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Sun Valley Idaho Vacant Land For Sale

3 Ways to Get the Best Deal on Your New Mountain Home/Condo

The economy is showing a definite upwards trend here in Sun Valley, which means sales are up and demand is rising, so buying a home here is getting a little trickier than it was, say, in the last year or

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December Newsletter

Who doesn’t LOVE December in Sun Valley?

The most iconic and beautiful holiday season in Sun Valley only starts off thewonderful winter activities. Our first snowfall came just in time for Thanksgiving, butas we patiently wait for more snow there is a lot more going on to help you get in theholiday mood.Take a look at some of the events happening in Sun Valley during this month, and alittle further down get the full Sun Valley Real Estate update with the latest propertiesand stats from our office. Hint; it’s been a tremendous year for Sun Valley RealEstate

8 Winter Kids Events that make Sun Valley a Family Vacation Haven

If you’re a frequent visitor to Sun Valley, you probably already ski with your kids all the time. But Sun Valley has a lot more to offer than just an amazing mountain (though it really is one-of-a-kind – we appreciate

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November Newsletter

Thanksgiving and Opening Day!

November is here, and with it all the best of Fall, Thanksgiving and life in the WoodRiver Valley. This has still been quite a busy month here at SVRE and as weprepare for the upcoming holiday season it will get even busier! Take a look at theevents happening in Sun Valley this month, new and current listings and officenews.

October Newsletter

The Trailing of the Sheep is here!

October is here and with it the Trailing of the Sheep Festival! This month bringssome of the most beautiful colors to Sun Valley, and we’re excited to be a part ofsome wonderful events, such as the 5B Realtors for Veterans Walk

September Newsletter

Wagon Days and September Events

September is here and August has come to an end, but this doesn’t mean that SunValley’s lineup of summer events is over! September brings the Big Hitch Parade,antique fairs and phenomenal performances throughout our Valley